More Mediocre Poetry

All the time I was hanging on to something less strong

The sun, the glare, a glimmer somewhere

I gazed into what I had, not what I was

I made it, I saw that clear as the air that bounced over into another revelation

Where I saw you murky, muddy, there was the fading away

Who you are, who are you?

Still here yet not stronger still, waiting for the weight to fade

It lies in wait a will to power to be still against it all

You feel, you hear, but cannot see, the birds cry out, they leave the tree

What you will never be, no sight, no flight, a pity

But I will not stay to mourn the nothingness of old

The days grow longer, I shake of the cold of a summer unlived

The frost it plays across your face and I walk as if I could fly

A chill sets upon your lips, you are finally still 

The winter becomes you on a day in June




More Poetry Warmups

So Claire said in the past she was dead

She killed the girl who would have lived in pain

When she came back in her head

She killed her again

So when I think of that girl

We all know so well

She lived and that was the tragedy

So she had to be buried as well

But buried isn’t quite far enough away

The buried come back

Maybe it’s a Tuesday and

Then there is a smell or

a sound that reminds me of her

I shouldn’t know her that well

She died because I killed her

Of course I mean myself

There is no violence to that

In the story that has changed

She died a tragic girl with potential

Instead she lived in waves torrential

Why did you stay?

Why were you there?

You had to deserve it, don’t ask me to care

If people thought for a moment how the story would change

If those girls died instead, every time they do so inside

They do it because

Well I don’t know why

You would have to ask a ghost

So why are you asking about what no longer exists?

I suppose I am the sane one at last

Because you are the one talking to the girl in the past


Poem Warmup 2

The breeze is blowing in from without

Without a doubt

The world is inside out

Shaken like the branches that

Held a chime once upon a time

and you thought it was silly all this

The talk of weather

until it stormed and you has to ask

Whether we should or maybe

it would rain and the answer

would just fall just like that

and you ask if it’s cold and I know

you mean what I think

because the breeze is blowing and

you left your jacket at home

Rules for Dating My Son

no weasels! too many around this neck of the woods (ughhh)

It's My Experiment, Ma!

Rules for Dating My Daughter

I, and the rest of the planet, have seen this photo going around social media like wild fire the last few days. It gave me a chuckle as I pictured the over-protective daddy wearing that shirt. But you know what? I have sons, not daughters, and they’ve got one over-protective Mama too! My boys are every bit as precious and awesome and wonderful as your little princess, Mr. Scary Dad. Matter of fact, they are so amazing, I think we need to set a few ground rules for dating my son!

Rules for Dating My Son

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How to Bring up Race within Feminism without being Attacked- (hint: you can’t)

Disclaimer* I am all for the great work of artists (including writers and limited to writers that avoid sensationalism and just freaking write) therefore I am just writing in the “stream of consciousness” style so to not appear to be any serious type of author…. though I would like to write a textbook one day or a book of poetry but NO MORE newspapers or magazines for me…ughh too much controversy and a totally negative “space”..

So I should be getting my syllabi together for the new semester in Sociology, however we must as Sociologists learn to follow the trend of social movements being part of social media and involve our students in “tracking” these fascinating ways to be heard and to be part of something.  However, this is not for the faint of heart, and I say this as someone who has been around deviant subcultures; and by deviant, I mean criminal and by criminal, I mean “look over your shoulder, I am scared I might get stabbed” type stuff.  I have learned so much by being “out there” in the field, being “in here” in the interwebs in many ways seems scarier.  This is not because I am older, but it’s because I can guess intent with body language and other nonverbal cues.  I can’t do this online.  We also may see a “herd mentality” or a “conformity of thought” and get distressed.  A very well-written article is attached here to illustrate the history of a specific social movement (Feminism) and a specific way that this was derailed as “white supremacy” (the author remains as “Unrepentant Jacobinism” so I would credit where credit is due, and that is what I have as far as an author credit). I have been “tracking” this particular issue since December when it was #solidarityisforwhitewomen and gained some momentum in the conversation of “intersectionality” and initiated by – Mikki Kendall.

Now when I say “tracking” these issues, I mean like we did in our Spring courses when we had a government teacher that asked us to pick a bill in the state house or senate (should I capitalize that? I’m going with a big fat NO here in Indiana, because our state government is too busy trying to ban same-sex marriage and GRRR).  Anyway, we would track a bill and see if it picked up co-sponsors and other interesting things that can happen with legislation….exciting stuff!  So to not “track” the trajectory of social movements seems wrong, so I use the same sort of methodology.  However I became a “cosponsor” of the Adele Wilde-Blavask “side” because I learned on Twitter there are frequent wars within the Feminist movement and this article prompted some criticism (ok I was  trying to be objective) but then it turned hateful and scary and with that I cannot be a bystander.  So by simply saying “stop bullying” or as it may be better stated “piling on and on and on and on with no sign of letting up until Adele GIVES some person who APPARENTLY knows more about INTERSECTIONALITY her job”.  So I didn’t see only bullying, I saw people who seemed to think they could do a better job of writing than Adele and wanted to take her down.  There seems to be a pattern with this.  I have also seen pretty thought-provoking pieces and some strange, yet artistic stuff on Feminism that has been summarily blasted, as well like Eve Ensler.  HURRY! You may be able to get a book deal too if you can be BETTER than Eve! I am just saying she is artistic and thought-provoking, so I like to be provoked in thought….? oh no

I discover that the Marxist in me rages over this idea that it isn’t about disagreement, it’s about capitalism. and WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?- I need some tea-  Some Feminists think that only by eliminating Capitalism can we be equal and that is because race, class, and gender are all wrapped into one economic system.  So unless you want to have an “econ” conversation, I would like to point out that wealth reigns supreme and takes your “intersectionality argument” off the table, this is about the love of money, money, money FIRST then you deal with the rest (that is if you are a Marxist Feminist).  Me being white- sure it’s something I “check”, but I have an ethnicity too…one (or more to be clear) that I won’t throw down like a trump card to defend against “supporting white supremacy”.  Oh I have also studied this ideological hate group (white supremacists) and we can talk about it, I suppose, but I don’t generally write without getting paid and it’s usually very dry academic “stuff”.  I really don’t even know why I have a blog, because I am anti-Capitalism to the extent that I “get” there are people that blog to make money and do NPR and all sorts of things.  I just do research and try to stay out of the way.  But I will say, when I see someone’s job being threatened because women can’t see that Capitalism is the biggest “B” and instead claim racism is the culprit…I wonder, IS it? Just think about it, I guess.  As far as defending Adele, I am going to simply say, she makes GREAT discussion points and discussion, debate, Feminist discourse= great!  Harassment is not cool, it’s pretty sick that anyone thinks this is ok online or otherwise and seriously what might the Pope say?  Yeah because=Weber and “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” explains a great deal.  I saw Adele bring Buddhism into the debate and I was glad SOMEONE saw this as important.  I will continue to “track” this, and I will go ahead and say- stop accusing people of “defending white supremacy” – start looking at your love for the almighty dollar or whatever currency floats your boat first.  Also I see that Adele is continuing to look at a religious angle, which is lacking in this convo and it needs to be brought up and- out

James Blunt Hits Out Beautifully At Twitter Haters

Haha! Bravo to Blunt!


“Your music makes me want to cave my own skull in with a hammer,” went one of this year’s many broadsides tweeted at pop singer James Blunt. “Be my guest,” Blunt tweeted back.

James Blunt took on a year’s worth of haters on Twitter, attacking, deflecting and disarming them with a skillful blend of wit and self-deprecation. The Poke compiled a list of his 30 best counterattacks, declaring him “winner” of Twitter in 2013. A few reasons why:

“I cannot put into words how much I hate James Blunt,” wrote one attacker. “Try singing it,” Blunt suggested.

“I want to kick James Blunt… repeatedly… I dont know why,” another tweeted. “Easy spelling mistake as K and L are right beside each other,” Blunt replied.

The full blow-by-blow can be found on Blunt’s amazingly feisty Twitter feed. The singer was still throwing punches on New Year’s Eve. Clearly, he won’t go…

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Student Bloggers – I Want To Hear From You!

Student bloggers? Share your story!


Are you a student who blogs?  I’m putting together a piece – or maybe a series – on student bloggers, and I’d love to hear from you.  Whether you’re just starting one to document your uni life, you’ve been airing your opinions online throughout your teenage years, you’re trying to build up experience for going into journalism, or you have an anonymous ranting site, I’d like to know how you blog and what your blog means to you.  I’d really appreciate input from absolutely anyone who’s currently a university student (or has just left) and who writes a blog – I’ve put some questions below to spark thought, but please feel free to ignore them and simply tell me about your experience of blogging – my email address is jem dot bloomfield at hotmail dot co dot uk, or you can leave shorter responses in the comments below.

How long have you been blogging? …

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