James Blunt Hits Out Beautifully At Twitter Haters

Haha! Bravo to Blunt!


“Your music makes me want to cave my own skull in with a hammer,” went one of this year’s many broadsides tweeted at pop singer James Blunt. “Be my guest,” Blunt tweeted back.

James Blunt took on a year’s worth of haters on Twitter, attacking, deflecting and disarming them with a skillful blend of wit and self-deprecation. The Poke compiled a list of his 30 best counterattacks, declaring him “winner” of Twitter in 2013. A few reasons why:

“I cannot put into words how much I hate James Blunt,” wrote one attacker. “Try singing it,” Blunt suggested.

“I want to kick James Blunt… repeatedly… I dont know why,” another tweeted. “Easy spelling mistake as K and L are right beside each other,” Blunt replied.

The full blow-by-blow can be found on Blunt’s amazingly feisty Twitter feed. The singer was still throwing punches on New Year’s Eve. Clearly, he won’t go…

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