How Competitive is too Competitive?

On my- I abhor losing, I abhor my kids losing….one would think one of us would be an Olympian by now!


I myself am an extremely competitive person. Just ask anyone who has ever played any sport with me. I HATE to lose. Hate it. I am not just talking about skiing, the sport I have competed in since I was 5. I am talking about soccer, basketball, volleyball, wally-ball, anything. If it is my first time playing a particular game, or I don’t play said game very often, guess what? I still care an insane amount. Even if I am downright awful at whatever I am playing I still put 500% into it so I don’t lose.

And then there is the other side of the spectrum. People who play for the fun of the game and don’t mind if they win or lose. Points don’t really matter because its just a game after all and when it is over it won’t really matter either way. Which do you think…

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The Drama of the Anxious Child


When I was first studying psychology, thirty years ago, I learned that about 10-20% of children are born with a temperament that is highly reactive to anything new and unfamiliar. Some of these children go on in life to be anxious, timid, or shy (or, as we shy people like to say, “slow to warm up.”) A much smaller number of children, about 1-5%, were diagnosed at that time with a full-fledged anxiety disorder.

Nowadays, there are still 10-20% with that reactive temperament, but the number of children with a diagnosable anxiety disorder has skyrocketed, up to 25% according to the National Institute of Mental Health. A report from the National Institutes of Health adds, “There is persuasive evidence from a range of studies that anxiety disorders are the most frequent mental disorders in children and adolescents….” These new numbers must be viewed skeptically, of course, because of the trend…

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RECAP: President Obama’s Address on Syria


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In a primetime Tuesday evening address, President Barack Obama made his case for getting the United States involved in Syria. Obama argued the United States should respond to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons to protect American soldiers in future conflicts and to send a message to other “tyrants” who might use such weapons.

“As the ban against these weapons erodes, other tyrants will have no reason to think twice about acquiring poison gas and using them,” said Obama. “Over time our troops would again face the prospect of chemical warfare on the battlefield, and it could be easier for terrorist organizations to obtain these weapons and to use them to attack civilians.”

Obama stressed the U.S. military is ready to strike Syria upon his command. However, he said he’s shifting his focus to a diplomatic solution recently offered by Russia, and he asked Congressional leaders to delay…

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Martinsville middle school football players at center of rape investigation


MORGAN COUNTY – Three middle school football players from Martinsville are at the center of a rape investigation involving an eighth grade girl.

According to the allegations, three members from the middle school football team assaulted the girl at a party last month. Alcohol may have been involved.

Acting Police Chief Robert Townsend told Fox 59 that he believes the case was referred to investigators from administrators at the Martinsville School District, which would be required by state law to report the incident even though the assault didn’t happen on school property.

A school spokesman also confirmed the allegations to Fox 59 News.

Morgan County Prosecutor Steve Sonnega said his office learned about the allegations late last week and said the case was being “looked at from all angles” and that Martinsville police are doing “the best they can” to investigate.

A coach confirms to Fox 59 News that one…

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