More Poetry Warmups

So Claire said in the past she was dead

She killed the girl who would have lived in pain

When she came back in her head

She killed her again

So when I think of that girl

We all know so well

She lived and that was the tragedy

So she had to be buried as well

But buried isn’t quite far enough away

The buried come back

Maybe it’s a Tuesday and

Then there is a smell or

a sound that reminds me of her

I shouldn’t know her that well

She died because I killed her

Of course I mean myself

There is no violence to that

In the story that has changed

She died a tragic girl with potential

Instead she lived in waves torrential

Why did you stay?

Why were you there?

You had to deserve it, don’t ask me to care

If people thought for a moment how the story would change

If those girls died instead, every time they do so inside

They do it because

Well I don’t know why

You would have to ask a ghost

So why are you asking about what no longer exists?

I suppose I am the sane one at last

Because you are the one talking to the girl in the past