Adventures in Organic Gardening

I see seedlings!- Marigolds to be exact, which judging by the fact Kindergartners routinely grow these for Mother’s Day gifts, should not get me too exited just yet.  My lavender seeds have not sprouted yet and this is cause for concern, as they are to be started in a sunny window.  Is it too cold by the window yet?  Will my house not smell of this lovely fragrance this summer, as I imagined? What will the neighbors think when I begin my lettuce in milk jugs cut in half? This was something I saw on an Organic Gardening page and it seems like a sensible way to recycle and save money. Do I still have the green thumb I possessed as a youth?

Daunting questions. At least I was able to procure some fresh flowers from a conference I attended that was decorated with floral arrangements to the tune of a Kardashian wedding.  Though it proves I know nothing of Horticulture and Botany since I do not know what most of the flowers actually are other than that they “smell good” (what a lasting impression on Academia that statement makes)~~ aromatherapy is in order!

~ Good Luck and Happy Gardening!~Image