What I’ve learned: Life Hacks

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002564a5d684112547f34aI could easily write a list of awesome badass “Life Hacks”. A “Life Hack” is a time-saving, money-saving, productivity inducing, or just sanity giving “tip” to help you live your life better. These are usually tips that you already know but have no actual interest in implementing. For example, you already know that spending oodles of time on FaceBook is lame, useless, and bad for your soul – but you do it anyway. You already know that drinking pop (even diet) is bad for you, but you drink it anyway. You are well aware that you could save money (and time and your soul) buy not stopping at Starbucks for your morning latte-chino, but you do it anyway. And, you already know that television is shit, that cable companies gouge your pockets and rob you blind, but you still insist on keeping 1-4 T.V.’s in your home equipped with all…

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Some Terrible Advice I got in College

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A Step onto the Road

Back in the days when I was a fresh young teacher, full of ambition and determination, I soaked up any bit of extra knowledge from the expert teachers around me. Any advice, no matter how ridiculous it sounded, I would try. 

After a while, I began to realize the absolute insanity of some of the advice. Some things I was told turned out to be the opposite of what a teacher like me ought to do. So, if you are looking for tips on teaching, look elsewhere. Or better yet, do the opposite of what I was told.

The infamous terrible tips of my yesteryear:

1. Don’t smile for the first few weeks. I know this advice is given with the best of intentions. The common saying is, “You can ease up later, but you can’t take back control.” That is false. No one wants to start a year with…

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