Failure or Animal Lover?

So working at the farm this week is not an option…I feel like a failure, yet the farm has enough workers that it will not go to a standstill because I am not there, nor will it be that affected at all.  Why could I not work this week?  In the message I sent at 5am this morning, I claimed “babysitting issues” which is true- my two youngest would have been home alone, although they are generally asleep when I am out working so early in the morning,  Who needed babysitting?- my son’s hamster Mr. Chubbs.

Now people may think I am crazy or excessive or not even believe this story, which is why I omitted it under the umbrella of “babysitting”.  Mr. Chubbs in his anger over my youngest not being here, became agitated and tried to escape to find him last Friday.  He has done this before when his owner (my 9 year old) has been gone for more than a night or so.  He has even escaped while my 9 year old has been here only to be found under the couch where the kid was sitting.  He loves him.  This time in Mr. Chubbs’ effort to find him, he got his leg stuck in the bars of his cage.  Apparently hamsters will chew their legs off if they feel it necessary.  It was a horrible scene one of which was precluded by my 15 year old screaming and crying soap opera style.

Long story short (and yes that was short for me) $200 later and an amputation for Chubbs, has left me unable to leave him for very long.  I was right to stay with him, as apparently he does not like the dispensing method of his antibiotics in his water bottle and found a way to empty out the contents (how he did that remains a mystery).  So I am keeping an eye on him for signs of infection and will not hesitate to take him back to the Vet.  This all makes perfect sense to me, but can you imagine telling your employer you can’t come in because your kid’s hamster’s leg was amputated? Luckily this was only a side thing off the career track and I am doing most of my work from home and have 2 weeks before the Fall semester begins.  Mr. Chubbs should be on the mend by then and thus I will avoid making it to a website for the “craziest reasons to call in to work”- aka I have to babysit Chubbs the hamster.