Justine Sacco, Michelle Goldberg and the Racial Status Quo

If you aren’t following this on Twitter- what ARE you doing then?


When I first saw Michelle Goldberg’s piece “Sympathy for Justine Sacco,” over at The Nation I was not surprised as much as I was disgusted. Cultural critic Mikki Kendall, the creator of one of the year’s most popular hashtags #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen, tweeted it to her followers. The piece disturbingly exhibits exactly what feminist women of color, anti-racists, and social commentators lamented for so much of 2013.  Yet again, a moment to display good allyship with people of color turned into lackluster defense of whiteness.

Justine Sacco made an apparent joke about what is arguably the most devastating pandemic in the history of the world: AIDS. A disease that has no known cure disproportionately affecting Black people not only in Africa, but in the United States as well. Her tweet left her employer, IAC, embarrassingly scrambling to respond and at the end of it all she was terminated…

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