Your Junk is Another’s Treasure

Inspiring blog! I do the same 🙂

My Light Bag

“Santa Polina”. That’s what my friends called me after I shared with them my unneeded clothes and jewellery. They came for dinner with wine and they left with new outfits.

I had sorted out my clothes and told my friends to take whatever they wanted. Result? “It’s like Christmas come early!”, they said with laughter, excitement and gratitude.

Things I no longer needed or used, things that were taking up space, energy and thoughts in my life, brought immeasurable joy to my friends.

The things we no longer use, the ones we consider as junk, are treasures to someone else.

Be generous, give what you don’t need. You will not only lighten your life, but brighten up someone else’s in ways you would never have expected.


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