How Competitive is too Competitive?

On my- I abhor losing, I abhor my kids losing….one would think one of us would be an Olympian by now!


I myself am an extremely competitive person. Just ask anyone who has ever played any sport with me. I HATE to lose. Hate it. I am not just talking about skiing, the sport I have competed in since I was 5. I am talking about soccer, basketball, volleyball, wally-ball, anything. If it is my first time playing a particular game, or I don’t play said game very often, guess what? I still care an insane amount. Even if I am downright awful at whatever I am playing I still put 500% into it so I don’t lose.

And then there is the other side of the spectrum. People who play for the fun of the game and don’t mind if they win or lose. Points don’t really matter because its just a game after all and when it is over it won’t really matter either way. Which do you think…

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