athletic farming


radical farmwives

I don’t jog. I don’t go to the gym for a workout. And this time of year, I can’t even pull off any semblance of a consistent yoga practice. But… I do dig potatoes.IMG_3701

Late last week we were scrambling to get the year’s potato harvest out of the ground before the next round of rain set in. Our patch was about a quarter of an acre in size, roughly half a mile of row feet to dig. We knew our harvest window was limited, as we had a full weekend already planned with our weekly harvest and market to think about, as well as our annual summer field day for our CSA shareholders. And that rain kept creeping closer and closer… time to kick it into turbo gear and get our hands in the dirt.IMG_3712

This year our potato harvest had the added bonus of a middle-buster, also known…

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